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X ‘everything app’ push continues as Elon Musk tests video game streaming


X (formerly Twitter) has made another step toward becoming an “everything app” after Elon Musk tested out video game streaming on the platform.

In a 50-minute-long stream on Oct. 6, Musk streamed himself playing the popular online action role-playing game Diablo 4.

As things kicked off, Musk outlined that “what we are aiming for here is that the audio sounds normal, the image looks reasonably good so it’s not flickering, and the comments are working.”

While the feature is still in its early stages of development, the quality of the stream remained consistent throughout, with Musk seemingly chuffed with the work the developers have put in so far.

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“It’s cool that it works at all,” he said.

Toward the end of the stream, Musk answered some questions from his viewers and provided more context on what X is aiming for.

“We will add in streaming for Xbox and PS5. You know we’re not trying to do everything better than every other app, but we wanna say that, okay, if you wanna do something within the X system or the X platform, you can do it if you want,” he said, adding:

“I think the very specialist apps are still gonna be probably better than us in a lot of ways, but you know, I think we can be the best generalist app. There’s some value to being a generalist app for, I guess, discovery and for interacting with the largest number of people in the world.”

Musk, however, did not reveal anything about payments or crypto being integrated with streaming for aspects like subscriptions or donations.

Elon Musk explaining his Diablo character build. Source: X

There seems to be a significant amount of interest in the move.

At the time of writing, the stream or “broadcast” has had 2.8 million viewers in just a few hours since the session ended, while the tweet highlighting the stream has a whopping 9.3 million views and more than 5,300 retweets.

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Following the rebranding of Twitter to X in July, Musk explained that it was part of his plans to develop an “everything app” that essentially hosts a wide array of social media features and supports financial services, including crypto.

This focus has seen X introduce the revenue share model for X Premium subscribers, among other features, and offer users the ability to post videos and content directly on the platform.

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