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Bitcoin and XRP Continue to Slide. We Look At ROE, QUBE, DOMI


On July 13, XRP experienced a notable price increase but has since retraced to hover around $0.50 per token.

Similarly, Bitcoin saw an upswing, reaching $31,000 the same day, yet presently, it is trading around the $26,000 mark. With established cryptos suffering significant dips, next-generation altcoins like Borroe.Finance ($ROE), QUBE, and (DOMI) is worth keeping an eye on. 

Bitcoin and XRP’s Downward Trajectory

The recent rollercoaster ride of XRP can be partly attributed to a pivotal legal ruling involving Ripple, the company in charge of the asset. This landmark ruling had initially boosted XRP’s value above $0.9, but the subsequent dip to $0.5 has caused discussions in the crypto market. 

Bitcoin has encountered its own set of obstacles. The regulatory watchdog in the United States has compounded the cryptocurrency’s volatility by suspending several applications for Bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

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 While Bitcoin’s slide is concerning, some consider $ROE, QUBE, and DOMI as the next-generation altcoins with promise.

Borroe.Finance ($ROE): Aiding Efficient Web3 Fundraising

Borroe.Finance is a platform striving to fuel the growth of the Web 3.0 industry by facilitating instant funding opportunities. Recognizing the need for fundraising in the blockchain sector, Borroe.Finance has created an AI-powered peer-to-peer ecosystem for easy fundraising by creators and blockchain businesses.

Via Borroe.Finance, businesses can convert future revenue streams into collateral to secure loans. This innovative approach transforms revenue streams like subscriptions and royalties into fractionalized NFTs, making them available on the Borroe.Finance marketplace. 

Borroe.Finance’s marketplace offers instant transactions, low fees, and speedy approval times. It also offers various crypto and fiat payment solutions and special rewards for marketplace activity.

Borroe.Finance’s blockchain ICO of its native $ROE token is currently in Stage 2. The campaign has already seen impressive growth.

At the current Stage 2 of its presale, the $ROE token is valued at $0.0150, reflecting a substantial 50% surge from its initial launch price. 

As of the moment this report is being penned, a noteworthy 60% of the tokens have found their way into the hands of eager investors.

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InQubeta (QUBE): A Gateway to AI Investments

InQubeta (QUBE) connects investors with AI startups using its native token, QUBE. Its core concept involves fractional investment in AI startups through non-fungible tokens (NFTs), democratizing access to promising projects for individuals with various budgets. 

QUBE is designed to be deflationary, with a 2% fee on every buy-and-sell transaction sent to a ‘burn’ wallet. An additional 5% sell tax goes to a dedicated reward pool, incentivizing token staking.

The fusion of AI and crypto presents exciting possibilities, and QUBE aims to address the limitations of traditional investment methods. AI technology can drive innovation and progress, especially in startups. However, many traditional investment avenues are often exclusive and out of reach.

InQubeta bridges this gap by making AI startups accessible to everyone. Smart contracts ensure a secure and transparent investment process, while the NFT marketplace enables AI startups to raise funds and gives investors exposure to vetted projects.

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Domini (DOMI): Revolutionizing Art Investment with Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the art investment landscape by combining the timeless appeal of art with the transparency of blockchain technology. It transcends the boundaries of traditional art markets, offering a new way to invest in art.

Artworks on are tokenized as unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, making them accessible to a broader audience through fractional ownership. This opens up opportunities for investors seeking portfolio diversification. DOMI Advisory offers expert guidance for emerging artists and established blue-chip artworks.

The platform enhances liquidity by allowing ownership stakes to be listed and explored in a fair trading environment. Furthermore, prioritizes artwork security through specialized storage facilities, comprehensive insurance coverage, and blockchain transparency.

With a total supply of 1 billion DOMI tokens, the platform implements a deflationary burn mechanism, enhances liquidity pools, and redistributes funds to improve the ecosystem.

As Bitcoin and XRP experience fluctuations, next-generation altcoins like Borroe.Finance, QUBE, and offers unique solutions to diverse challenges in the blockchain industry. 

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