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Paris Hilton touts the metaverse as where people will ‘party’


Paris Hilton also made TV history when she gifted everyone on ‘The Tonight Show’ a free NFT.
The celebrity media personality Paris Hilton continues to be a major voice for the NFT space, having garnered massive praise since her move into the space.

Paris Hilton has said that she looks at the metaverse as an innovation that will enhance social life.

The OG influencer said this when she appeared on ‘The Tonight Show on Monday, a platform she used to reveal further developments in her love for NFTs. 

But it’s not just in the area of digital collectibles that the popular heiress sees a bright future.

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She also believes in the metaverse, a virtual reality world concept that has gathered momentum in recent months and attracted the likes of Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook), Google, Microsoft, and gaming provider Roblox.

It is a 3D world where people will be able to interact, work and do many other things. And Hilton believes it will define the “future of partying.”

According to her, the metaverse is where people will ‘go out,’ interact and be social.

The businesswoman already has a footprint in the metaverse concept, with her “Paris World” virtual world available on Roblox. She says that Paris World will eventually see major virtual reality events, including the Super Bowl and the New York Fashion Week.

Hilton, who counts a “Bored Ape” among his enviable collection of NFTs, also talked about her upcoming “Forever Fairytale,” offering, which details her relationship with husband Carter Reum.

It didn’t end there for those in attendance. 

The actress gifted the Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and the entire audience an NFT from the collection.

Commenting on the giveaway, Fallon termed it as “the first NFT giveaway in television history.” His remarks were also echoed by many on social media, with some noting how incredible Hilton’s support for NFTs is and what it means for the whole space.

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