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These Companies Buy $13.70 Billion in Bitcoin (BTC) in One Month


A cluster of companies has amassed a staggering $13.70 billion in Bitcoin (BTC). This marks a significant milestone in the cryptocurrency market.

The massive accumulation reflects a growing confidence in Bitcoin as a viable investment. It also mirrors its recent price upsurge and increasing appeal among institutional investors.

ETF Issuers Buy $13.70 Billion in BTC

The spotlight shines brightly on Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). These financial products have experienced a robust capital inflow, surpassing $2.2 billion between February 12 and February 16. This investment surge catapults Bitcoin ETFs ahead of the 3,400 ETFs in the United States.

Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas highlighted the sheer dominance of these inflows. He particularly noted the BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), which alone garnered $1.6 billion over the week.

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“The 10 Bitcoin ETFs netted over $2.3 billion last week… IBIT alone was number 2. This brings the total net to over $5 billion, which is more than BlackRock as a whole has taken in. Again, this is all net GBTC bleed. Throw that out, and the numbers get even crazier,” Balchunas explained.

This is a testament to the growing investor appetite for Bitcoin. Indeed, significant inflows into other prominent spot Bitcoin ETFs are further evidence of it. For instance, Fidelity’s Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund and the Ark 21Shares Bitcoin ETF have also seen considerable capital injections, reflecting the diversified interest in Bitcoin investments.

IssuerTickerBTC HoldingsBlackRockIBIT115,989.80FidelityFBTC83,928.16Ark/21 SharesARKB26,640BitwiseBITB21,974Invesco/GalaxyBTCO6,048VanEckHODL3,620.53ValkyrieBRRR2,931.56Franklin TempletonEZBC1,885WisdomTreeBTCW509Total BTC Holdings263,526.06
Bitcoin ETFs Holdings. Source: TheTIE

Despite the optimistic influx, the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust encountered $624 million in outflows. However, the overarching narrative remains bullish since the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This regulatory nod has propelled Bitcoin’s price, which has surged 95% over the past six months, reflecting the positive market sentiment toward cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin Price Performance. Source: TradingView

The resurgence in Bitcoin’s appeal is not limited to ETFs alone. Major banks and financial institutions are keenly observing the market. Some advocate for regulatory adjustments to accommodate the growing demand for Bitcoin custodianship. This reflects a broader acknowledgment of Bitcoin’s potential to redefine investment portfolios and its role as a contemporary asset class.

Investors Offload Gold ETF Holdings

Bitcoin’s ascent is mirrored in its comparative performance against traditional safe havens like gold. The digital currency’s year-to-date increase of 23% starkly contrasts with gold’s modest decline. Therefore, it highlights a shifting investor preference toward digital assets.

This shift is evidenced by the substantial outflows from gold ETFs, a trend that starkly contrasts with the previous year’s inflows.

“It’s a pretty bad scene right now in the gold ETFs category. To be sure, I don’t think these are people migrating to Bitcoin ETFs, maybe a tiny bit, but rather just us equity FOMO although that could reverse given the new eco data,” Balchunas emphasized.

TickerNameYTD FlowsOUNZVanEck Merk Gold Shares-16.1IGLDFT Vest Gold Strategy Target Income ETF-3.8GLLProShares UltraShort Gold-1.4AAAUGoldman Sachs Physical Gold ETF-6.8UGLProShares Ultra Gold-9.1DBPInvesco DB Precious Metals Fund-9.7BARGraniteshares Gold Trust -12IAUFiShares Gold Strategy ETF-13.4GLDMSPDR Gold MiniShares Trust-16.3GLTRabrdn Physical Precious Metals Basket Shares ETF-22SGOLabrdn Physical Gold Shares ETF-41.1IAUMiShares Gold Trust Micro-230.4IAUiShares Gold Trust-423.6GLDSPDR Gold Shares-2,394.6
Gold ETFs Year-to-Date Flows. Source: Bloomberg

The array of companies accumulating Bitcoin, including BlackRock, Fidelity, Ark/21 Shares, and Bitwise, among others, signifies a pivotal moment in the financial markets. With a total holding of 263,526.06 BTC, these entities are pioneers in a financial revolution.

As Bitcoin continues to challenge traditional investment paradigms, its acceptance among institutional investors starts a new era of digital asset integration into mainstream financial portfolios.


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