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Sandbox grant’s world of women $25 million grant


Sandbox has a grant program that empowers creators to populate its Metaverse.

World of Women is the latest beneficiary of a $25 million grant to support women creators.

Price is yet to move, but a consolidation points to a potential breakout. 

Sandbox (SAND) has emerged as one of the most prominent players in the fast-growing play-to-earn gaming space. Through the Sandbox Metaverse, players develop gaming characters and sell them as NFTs. 

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Besides gaming, Sandbox is expanding into other markets to see SAND grow in value. For instance, a while back, the Sandbox entered into a partnership with Warner Music to host virtual shows on the Metaverse. 

Sandbox also has a program to fund creative ideas that can help grow the Metaverse. Sandbox has leveraged World Women’s day to announce the latest recipient of this grant. 

Sandbox grants women techies a $25 million grant 

As part of the World Women’s day celebrations, Sandbox announced that it was granting $25 million to World of Women to support women minting NFTs and developing the Metaverse. 

World of Women is a foundation created by female gamers and artists to promote diversity within the gaming industry through interactive experiences. The WoW Foundation plans on using Sandbox for four main pillars:

Giving artists a platform.

Helping new users understand the Metaverse.

Communicating with others on courses that are focused on women.


For Sandbox, this is a big deal both from a technical perspective and marketing. From a technical perspective, WoW will help create an even richer Sandbox Metaverse, and that, like the other projects running on Sandbox, will help drive up the intrinsic value of the SAND token. 

From a marketing perspective, WoW’s vast network of users and participants beyond crypto will help draw more investors into the Sandbox Metaverse. The impact could be a bigger price rally once the market turns bullish again and FOMO returns. 

SAND is range-bound and could potentially breakout

Source: TradingView

SAND is currently trading in a range, and volumes are pretty low. If buying volumes increase and the $2.856 resistance is broken, prices above $3 could be tested in the short term. 

However, if bearish volumes increase and SAND breaks through the $2.79 support, prices below $2.5 could be tested in the short term. 


Sandbox continues to expand its grant program and has given World of Women $25 million to support women NFT and Metaverse creators. However, the price is yet to respond, but SAND is consolidating. 

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