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Mantra, Kaspa price surges as Bitbot token sale hits $507k


Mantra (OM) and Kaspa prices continued their bull run during the weekend as demand for their tokens jumped and as the crypto fear and greed index rose. OM was up by more than 15% in the past 24 hours and by 98% in the past 7 days. Simialrly, Kaspa jumped by 2.7% and 40% in the two sessions, respectively. 

Bitbot token sale crosses $507k

The other big crypto news story of the weekend was that Bitbot finally crossed the $500k mark in its strong token sale. This is a strong performance considering that the sale started a few weeks ago. It makes it one of the fastest-growing token sales in the market.

For starters, Bitbot is a company that wants to change the Telegram trading bot market. It aims to do that by creating a safe trading bot that has additional features like artificial intelligence, wallet integrations, and has advanced track record of performance. 

The platform will be powered by the $BITBOT token, which will have several important utilities in the network. For example, holders will be able to take part in the network’s governance and even earn rewards. They will also take a share of the platform’s profits in the future. 

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BitBot joins other successful networks that have raised millions in the past few months. Metacade raised over $10 million in 2023 and is now worth over $15 million. Other successful sales have been AltSignals and Everlodge. You can buy the BitBot token here.

However, it is worth noting that there are risks for investing in presale tokens. The most important risk is that these presales are usually not regulated by leading authorities. Further, there is a risk that the token will not do well when it goes public. 

Therefore, it is always important to use the best risk management practices when investing in these tokens. For example, you should only invest in funds that you can afford to lose and also do your research.

Mantra and Kaspa jump

The other important news was the surge of Mantra and Kaspa. Mantra’s token has surged, giving it a market cap of over $250 million. For starters, Mantrais describes itself as the first vertically integrated and regulated blockchain ecosystem. Its OMniverse is made up of the finance, chain, and DAO segments.

The finance segment is a platform that provides a platform where users can trade, issue, and earn money from crypto and tokenized assets. The chain, on the other hand, allows people to build their own decentralized applications while the DAO allows people to participate in the network. Mantra token has surged as investors cheer its innovative solutions.

Kaspa, on the other hand, has soared because of the ongoing strength of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has settled above $48,000 while other coins like Ethereum and Solana have soared. In most cases, cryptocurrencies tend to have a close correlation with each other.

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